Conversational AI Practices
for Women Leadership

Become a more confident communicator and strategic thinker in 40+ languages

Backed by science.

The right mix of learning and practice based on the latest research.

Made for Women globally

Fits in with any blended learning approach

Empowering Women to Lead Through Practicing

Growth comes from learning. Learning comes from mistakes. Mistakes come from trying. Trying comes from practice.

"Wow. What an amazing team to give power to She. This encourages participation, involvement and inclusion for all young women who aspire to be a leader in the future. This will provide you a strength to nourish the culture in the companies and societies. Practice, practice, practice and change yourself. This is a great assistance and will be a big help to you. I strongly support this."

Nicole CollinsVP of Product
Develop leadership skills without worrying about judgment, slow progress and social anxiety